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windshield repair atlantaThe Most Important Reasons You Should Repair Your Windshield

The option of windshield repair Atlanta auto glass companies offer is very important. It may be easy to forget about that piece of auto glass that comes in between you and the natural elements, but a properly functioning windshield is vital to optimal performance and safety of your vehicle. Whether you have owned your car for several days or several years, there is always a possibility that damage can occur to your windshield from a variety of real-life events. You may be driving down the road one day and fall victim to a small rock that flies off of a transfer truck. Hail in the midst of a thunderstorm is another common cause of windshield damage. The cause of the damage, however, is not nearly as important as the repair process.

Many people believe that they can slide by for weeks or months at a time without a proper windshield repair job being performed. While there may be no tangible threat emerge during this time, accidents (such as the one that damaged your windshield in the first place) can occur at any time and without notice. You never know when your windshield’s integrity may make the difference in a life or death situation. In the following article, we’ll discuss the most important reasons you should have your windshield repaired at the first sign of damage.

Windshield Repair Will Save You Money

When you consider the seeming inconveniences of having your windshield repaired, think about this: the average cost of a windshield repair is up to three hundred dollars less than the cost of an average windshield replacement. When you allow a seemingly insignificant crack or blemish in the windshield to go without repair, it can quickly spiral out of control. Bumps in the road, for instance, can quickly transform a small crack into a huge fracture that will require the entire windshield being replaced. The sooner you act, the greater chance there is of being able to perform basic repairs that will cost far less than any replacement job.

Insurance May Cover a Windshield Repair

In the event that your windshield has suffered damage and you have full coverage on your automobile, it is likely that your existing insurance will cover the costs of any repair in full. This is not the case for many windshield replacement jobs, so waiting can lead to out-of-pocket costs. The best part about a standard auto glass repair

job is that it takes no more than a half hour in most cases. Rather than spending more time and money for a complete replacement in the future, it only makes sense to have the work done now so that your insurance will cover the bill.

You Will Protect Your Car’s Safety

According to the Auto Glass Safety Council, more than half of your vehicle’s strength in the event of a
roll-over is tied directly to the structural integrity of the windshield. The roof of an automobile is supported in large part by a properly fitted
windshield – if your windshield has suffered damage, then this damage may be more pronounced than you think. In the event of a roll-over, the damage may give and your vehicle’s roof could crumble in an instant. This alone should be enough of a reason to convince you that the damage in question needs to be repaired ASAP, if everything beforehand hasn’t already done so.

Additional Forms of Damage to Your Windshield

Depending on the type of crack or damage to the windshield, your interior may already be exposed to the elements. Rain, ice and other forms of precipitation can work their way into the crack and into your vehicle, causing rust, moisture damage and mildew to select surfaces. In addition to this, rapid fluctuations in temperature can cause the damage to exacerbate, allowing more of the elements into your vehicle. Unless you have a garage or carport in which your vehicle can be parked, it is vulnerable to these conditions 24 hours per day.

Windshield Repair Helps the Environment

landfillGlass that ultimately has to be replaced can be recycled, but a portion of it is lost in the process. Whenever you repair your windshield and avoid replacement, you help keep glass out of landfills and reduce consumption. It takes energy and resources to craft a new windshield, so a repair helps eliminate the need for all of these processes. As if all of the other elements mentioned above weren’t enough to convince you, having a repair completed before it becomes a bigger problem is good for both your bottom line and the environment.


For anyone who wants to save money (or possibly spend zero out of pocket), protect the safety of their automobiles, avoid additional damage and help reduce their impact on the environment, it is a no-brainer to have a windshield repair performed as soon as the damage is noticed. Rather than waiting for the problem to become more pronounced, you should act immediately to ensure that your wallet, the value of your automobile and your safety are all protected from any further unfortunate occurrences. Otherwise, you are asking for trouble later on in one form or another.

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